Kaisiadorys Cycling Tour’2017-07-16

Kaisiadorys Cycling Tour’2017 (Kaisiadoriu dviraciu turas) – classic road race in Kaisiadorys, Lithuania on 16 July 2017.

11:30 Briefing for the registered car drivers team.
12:00 8 km cycling parade around Kaisiadorys (and warm up) for all participants.
12:50 Start of Kaisiadorys Mayor Cup Race
13:00 Start of Children race
17:00 Award ceremony

Race center and Start-Finish place: Žaslių g. 34, Kaišiadorys. Entertainment center „Pas Radvilą“. Therer is a hotel, bar, bouling, etc. Comfortable place to stay before and during the race. Booking of the hotel: http://www.pasradvila.lt/kontaktai.html 


Preliminary registration till 11 July, 2017


Route 45 km, riding counterclockwise 1 (45 km), 2 (90 km) or 3 (135 km) laps.
Kaišiadorys (Gudiena) - Žasliai - Stabintiškės - Zūbiškės - Gegužinė - Palomenė – Kaišiadorys.

Cycling parade of all participants before the official start of Race

Children Race in short route 2,2 km after the start of the Main race.


Classification of participants according age groups:

Men V (in Lithuanian vyrai ir vaikinai):
V16 Youth, born 2001-2002; 1 lap 45 km;
V18 Junior born 1999–2000; 2 laps 90 km;
V-Elite Men born 1988-1998; 3 laps 135 km;
V30 Men born 1978-1987; 3 laps 135 km;
V40 Men 1968-1977; 3 laps 135 km;
V50 Men 1958-1967; 2 laps 90 km;
V60 Men 1948-1957; 1 lap 45 km;
Amateur men VMEG-2 born 1968-1998 (Tautas grupa) 2 laps 90 km;
Amateur men VMEG-1 born 1958-2000 (Tautas grupa) 1 lap 45 km

Women M (in Lithuanian Merginos ir moterys). All Wmen 1 lap 45 km
M16 Youth 2001-2002;
M-Elite Women 1988–1998; 
M18 Junior 1999–2000; 
M30 Women 1978-1987;
M41 Women 1968 and older.


Children race classification:
Boys V (berniukai)
V8 born 2010-2011 - 2,2 km, 1 lap

V10 born 2008-2009 - 4,4 km 2 laps

V12 born 2005-2007; 3 laps 6,6 km.
V14 born 2003-2004; 8 laps 17,6 km or finished lap after the leader‘s finish.


Girls M (mergaites)

M8 born 2010-2011 - 2,2 km, 1 lap

M10 born 2008-2009 - 4,4 km 2 laps

M12 born 2005-2007; 3 laps 6,6 km.
M14 born 2003-2004; 8 laps 17,6 km or finished lap after the leader‘s finish.


Registration fee
15 eur for adults born in 1998 and older if paid before the 11 July. Later 25 eur before start.
8 eur for youth and Junior born in 1999-2002 if paid before 11 July. Later 12 eur.
2 eur for children race participants born in 2003-2007 if paid before 11 July. Later 4 eur.
Children born in 2008 and younger participate for free.
No additional Team Fee.
For 3 and more members of one family 15% discount till 11 July.

Team Car fee (for registered teams only) 30 eur and deposit 30 eur. Deposit will be returned after the race if jury and other teams will not have official complains about reckless driving and violation of rules/sports ethics.
Registered teams for 90 km and 135 km can have registered team car with CB radio for the connection of cars of jury. Team cars will be marked with special sticker by organizers.


UCI Road Race rules are applied. Race roads will not be closed for traffic.
But race will be escorted by police, jury and team cars, some motorcycles.
Police car goes in front of race and after first major group. Jury cars follow the leaders and supervise entire race. Team cars will follow the peloton and must listed to the orders of race jury before moving forward between the gaps of the groups.

Participants can register separate teams for 90 and 135 km distances. Minimum 5 teams per distance for classification. Only registered teams can register Team car.
Sport (135 km) and Amateur (90 km) teams should have 3-9 members. Results will be counted for 3 fastest team finishers. All team members should ride the same distance (age group doesn’t matter).
Team applications should be sent by email Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį. latest on 11 July. All team members should be registered individually by 11 July as well. 
Team application form:

Absolute winners Men 135 km and Women 45 km will be awarded with Kaisiadorys Mayor Cup.
Age group winners of 1-3 places will be awarded with medals and prizes from sponsors.
Teams in all distances 1-3 places will be awarded with Team Cup.

Technical requirements
Road bikes approved by UCI recommended, but other bikes can be used as well.
Triathlon, TT bikes and their parts (disc wheels, handlebar extensions, etc.) are forbidden.

All participants registering and signing for the race confirm that they know race regulations and fully agree with it. Participants are aware and agree to confirm to the Traffic regulations, orders of race jury and organizers. Participants are responsible for their own behavior and all consequences of it to other participants and third party.

Organizer VšĮ Dviratai http://dviratai.lt/kaisiadoriu-lenktynes/kaisiadoriu-lenktynes-nuostatai.html 
tel. +370 699 33661, email Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlų. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį.